Honey Teriyaki Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe

After over-indulging it’s time for a healthy recipe.  The honey teriyaki vegetable stir fry is perfect for my vegetarian friends. The Tastefully Simple product used in this dish is the fantastic Honey Teriyaki Sauce. The rest of the ingredients I found pretty easily in my refrigerator.


This particular recipe is considered a freezer meal.  You can cook your veggies (add a little salt and pepper) and place in a freezer bag. Next, cook your linguini to your desired tenderness and also add them to the veggie freezer bag.


Lastly, get a separate freezer bag and combine the honey teriyaki sauce and natural peanut butter.  Here’s a quick video showcasing the preparation, prior to bagging.

You can simply store your bagged meal in your freezer until you’re ready to enjoy it.  I prepped this meal a day before officially serving it to my family, so I placed my bags in the refrigerator.  All you have to do when you’re ready, is heat up all the bagged contents (veggies, linguini, and sauce) in a wok or skillet.  You can then top each bowl with fresh cilantro, cashews and lime slices.


You can find the complete recipe here.  Enjoy!


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