Smokin’ Chipotle Turkey Burger Recipe

Smokin’ Chipotle Turkey Burgers where for dinner this evening. It only took a few easy ingredients to create this ultra juicy burger. The Tastefully Simple product used in this recipe was the Chipotle Seasoning.

After forming my turkey hamburger patties, I sprinkled the Chipotle Seasoning on both sides of the patties.


It was too hot to fire up the grill today, so I decided to cook the turkey burgers on the griddle.


I was hoping that would give me a little relief, but the whole 7 months pregnant thing…yea I’m a 24hr inferno.  Not to mention, I’m still battling a sinus infection.  I was a good sport and saw it through to the end, for my family’s and your enjoyment :-). I chose to use whole wheat buns and plain greek yogurt as my condiment of choice.


Add a little romaine lettuce and a slightly grilled pineapple and you’re in business!


To top it off I whipped together a little brown rice, black bean, corn, and chipotle combo (using the Chipotle Seasoning) for our side. Here’s my Mariah enjoying her bun-less version.


If you’d like the full recipe, you can grab it here.  Enjoy!


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