Sweet & Sassy Shrimp Recipe

I must admit, I’m a bit of a seafoodaholic.  I’m a big fan of all types of fish, shellfish, etc. I’m also a fan of simple, so I decided to tackle the Sweet & Sassy Shrimp recipe.

The Tastefully Simple products used in this recipe were the Sweet Mustard Moppin’™ Sauce and the Chipotle Seasoning.


I cooked each of the contents separately before combining them together.  I also used the Chipotle Seasoning for the veggies and shrimp, along with a little pepper.


I have to admit, I am not a fan of de-shelling shrimp, but it was worth it.


Next, I combined all of the items into the wok and added 1/2 cup (okay maybe I used a tad more) of the Sweet Mustard Moppin’™ Sauce.


Lastly, I mixed in my cooked whole wheat spaghetti.


The finished product…


My mini foodie approved!


You can find the complete recipe, here.  Enjoy my friends!


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