Stuffed Cabbage Wraps

The challenge is officially over and now I’m cooking and updating my blog for fun.  No, our team did not win but we did a darn good job. The challenge further solidified my new-found love of cooking (when I have time), and I also realized I don’t like people in the kitchen when I cook.  I think it’s because I get in the zone.  My goal is to experiment with all types of dishes and get inspiration from others.


My Christmas and/or gift list this year consists of kitchen gadgets and creative cookbooks.  I really am getting old!  As I mentioned I get inspiration for a lot of my dishes from you.  Someone posted the following video on Facebook and I thought I’d give it a try.

I modified this dish a bit.  The original recipe called for beef/pork and I used turkey.  It also called for an entire onion and we are not fans of onion, so I substituted with Onion Onion seasoning.  I also decided to use Garlic Garlic seasoning for the garlic portion of the recipe.  Lastly, I added in a little black pepper and seasoning salt.

Let’s just say that my turkey filling had lots of great flavor. I put it in the fridge for a bit to become a tad more firm.  I think that’s the difference when using turkey (I could be wrong).  I imagine it’s more mushy to work with, than a beef/pork combo. The great news is it cooks pretty quickly and is very tasty.

The filling and rolling of the cabbage rolls was interesting.  I dusted each piece of cabbage with a little flour before rolling them up and secured each with a toothpick.

In a large pot I combined my diced tomatoes, olive oil and a little more seasoning. It smelled fantastic!

The final step was adding my cabbage rolls to the pot. I wish my pot were a tad bigger, but I made it work.

Lastly, I added a cup of chicken broth and let it simmer. I also added a little butter at the end.

They came out pretty darn good.  I’m typically a fan of more firm cabbage, and when I make them again I might pre-cook the turkey slightly so I don’t have to cook the rolls as long. That’s just my two cents.

Of course my mini foodie (Mariah) was a fan and demanded another.  I swear she will eat anything. My picky eater (Dylan) didn’t like the cabbage but liked the stuffing.  Patrick and I thought they were pretty tasty.  Enjoy!


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