10968509_10204818605200737_5070950920835219457_nMy family is my everything.  I was raised in a very close-knit family and dreamed of having my own someday.  In life, I’ve learned things don’t always go as planned but they do end up as they are perfectly meant to be.

10168232_10204101662477617_8617655294208555106_nI’ve found my own little slice of heaven on earth with the unconditional love and support provided by my family.  You’ll notice that my faith and family are at the forefront of everything that I do, so I thought it was fitting to share one of my very favorite parts of life…MY FAMILY.  You can expect some fun family updates in addition to my cooking ventures.  I don’t claim to be the best writer and I’m not perfect, but I am real.

Danyell AKA Mommy


I’m Danyell and the creator of this blog; although, I do intend on re-blogging inspirations from others.  What started off as a team challenge has grown into a fun creative outlet for me. I’m a devoted wife and mother of two (almost three) beautiful children.  I’m also a working mom and have been fortunate to have found success within my career and work for some truly amazing companies. I currently work for Tastefully Simple as the Fundraising Manager, so I get to help others make a difference every day. My main goal is to be a great example for my children and to show them that your dreams are possible, but you must put in work and fight for them.

I should also stress that I believe in raising independent children.  I refuse to be one of those parents that is still cutting my kid’s steak at 16 (no offense but it’s the best scenario I could think of).  We allow our children to explore, make their own choices, reward good behavior and consequences for negative behavior. I believe that children can’t truly grow and figure out who they are (not who you want them to be), if you don’t allow them to be independent.

I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs in life.  I’ve won some and lost some, especially in the game of love.  But I hit the jackpot with Patrick.  He loves me more that life itself and I feel the same about him.  It’s nice to know that you’re not in this crazy thing called life alone. We both have a passion for success and are very driven. We also have huge hearts and know that we were put on this earth to be the change that we want to see in the world (In the famous words of Gandhi).  For fun, we got our auras read in Sedona and were told that together we will make a positive impact in the world.  We make a great team!  I’m excited to share our crazy life (not really) with you and hope you get a good laugh or at least a big smile, along the way.

Patrick AKA Daddy & Honey
(I call him honey so much that Mariah calls him honey sometimes too.)


This is the man I adore most in this world, my husband.  He also has a sexy little Irish accent that doesn’t hurt :-).  As I mentioned, he took on me and my baggage without hesitation (divorced mother).  He always wanted a family and what a wonderful partner and insta-dad he has become.

He’s so loving, patient, and gentle. He’s one of the few that truly sees me for me and loves every bit of it.  I never thought I’d say this but he’s also the more positive one of the two.  Whenever I present a dilemma or Danyell drama he always has positive, encouraging, and uplifting words.  He tries to help me come up with a solution or try not to see it as a challenge. I admit, sometimes it’s annoying because I just want to vent and be negative Nancy, lol.  But he won’t let me and I thank him for that.  You will think I’m lying when I tell you that we’ve NEVER had an argument, not once.  Sure there have been times when we’ve been upset for really silly things (I can probably count on one hand), but we both feel it’s a waste of air to yell at each other, argue, or go to bed angry.

He’s super creative and truly skilled when it comes to anything audio (broadcast, producing, editing, podcasts etc.).  I love that we not only have shared goals, but that he has goals and dreams of his own that he is determined to accomplish.  He’s my man crush every single day. Learn how we met.

Dylan AKA Beagle, Beag, Dyl


Dylan is my extra special first born child.  At the ripe age of 7 we consider him an old soul.  We always say, “It’s like he’s been here before.” He has a huge heart like his mama and always willing to lend an extra hand.  He is very inquisitive, smart, and extremely strong-willed, but shy (sometimes).  He will definitely be leading something someday.

Over the summer we put together a schedule (he is a creature of habit).  I let him create the schedule and chimed in with suggestions, when he got stuck. His schedule consisted of a wake up time, breakfast, bathing/dressing, tiding his room, reading time, open time, chore time, walking the dog, lunch (making his own most of the time), play time with friends, family time and dinner, educational time, TV time and/or computer time, and bedtime.

I was shocked at the level of detail that he came up with.  I was even more shocked as the summer grew to a close and he asked me if I could teach him how to do laundry and suggested adding taking out the trash to his list of weekly chores. You can probably imagine my face and state of shock, lol.  But he’s a helper by nature so I gladly obliged.

He just started the 2nd grade.  He enjoys school, especially math and science. He’s also a bit of a Minecraft nut.  I’m excited to see where life takes him and will continuously be his sounding board and cheerleader along the way.  I’m so proud of you Dylan.

Mariah AKA Mini, Moose, Moosey…anything with Moose in it actually


This little girl is an almost 2 year old firecracker!  I’ve never seen so much personality and curiosity in a child until she was born.  Initially, we thought she’d be a quiet, even-tempered, and a very shy little girl.  Boy were we wrong!

She’s not afraid of anyone or anything. We wish she had a little more “stranger danger” but I guess she’s just a girl that loves and welcomes everyone :-). She is definitely NOT shy.

She loves music and loves to dance.  It doesn’t matter where we are, if she hears music (of any kind) she will perform.  She’s so cuddly and sweet when she wants to be and always dishing out kisses and saying, “I love you.”  She is also super independent (she gets that from her mama), so we let her explore. This girl loves to eat!  Dylan is a bit of a picky eater but not this one.  She is my taste-tester, my calorie cutter (she always helps me eat my own food), and fellow foodie.

She loves to annoy her big brother but I love the way they spend time together and love on each other.  I can’t wait to see what she thinks about her little baby brother.  She knows who she is and she commands your presence, lol.  I guess it’s good since she’ll be growing up as the only girl.

Aidan (coming soon…October 2015)
Aidan is a name with Irish origins.  Aidan is Little Fire. We wanted to spell it the Irish way but didn’t want him to suffer too much so we went with the Irish/English spelling.


This little nugget snuck up on us.  We talked about having one more in the future, but it was never set in stone.  I gave Patrick two years before my uterus was closed for baby growing.  Hey, I’m diving deeper and deeper into my 30’s.  I would like to have some retirement time, lol.

I started my new job at Tastefully simple only to be overcome with an ungodly sickness.  Surprise, you’re pregnant!  I’m still in shock. Talk about bad timing!  I had to remind myself yet again, that things don’t always work out as planned but they do work out as they were perfectly intended.

I always thought people were insane for having kids close together, now look at me!  It looks like the man upstairs had a little fun with this one.  On one hand I am completely terrified to be outnumbered, but at the same time I am ecstatic to have another baby.  I have to remember that you’re never given more than you can handle, even if it feels that way.  This baby is a blessing and I can’t wait to snuggle him and share him with the world.



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